Foraging for Food (for thought)

“I wanted to do something else.” That, amigos, is the real reason why my blog started dying a slow death, set for the greener pastures of Error404 where websites go to die.

The truth was that post-tenure, increased responsibilities at work meant whatever little time I had left that was not left to that five-letter-word-called-admin had to be focused on research of the academic kind, and any attempt to be semi-intelligent after work was often met with dulled senses. Days off work had me dabbling in other interests: reading, building Lego models, watch movies, browsing for weird bags at TK Maxx, even giving the kitchen a real good scrub once in every while – in essence, escaping what I do at work every day: research and write.

I pride myself on covering bases when I write, especially when I offer opinions. Things need to be verified rather than assumed, such is the training. And verification often takes long days and many hours trawling the interwebs – already a day job in its own right, and therefore by that very nature, I maximised the utility of that exercise between 9 to 6 on weekdays.

But the idea and the thought of writing had never really left my being – before I became a ‘blogger’ and before I wrote for YouthQuake/the NST, Malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider, I used to spend late weekend nights with two girls a year older than me back at boarding school coming up with erm.. Bon Jovi fan fiction. Of the kosher variety, mind you – we were but 16+ and our fantasies revolved around an emergency midnight Bon Jovi helicopter landing in our Johor Bahru residential school basketball court, which culminated in the Jersey band sampling the best nasi lemak in the land at our dining hall. You want to know where these two friends of mine are right now? One is a Sayembara Sastera winning author a few times over, and the other owns, and writes and produces for a food channel. Me, where am I? Stuck in a lazy time warp making excuses for not writing.

So this is my second foray into the blogosphere, in the world of 140-character micro blogs and ‘instant’ pictures that capture a thousand words, about 8 years too late but still 8 years too soon to be a hipster [I believe hipsters are still at the ‘zine phase but don’t quote me on that]. On top of it all, in order to make this work, I needed to change tactics – I can no longer write long pieces and essays that needed me to hunch over my laptop gathering data and adding hyperlinks. An alternative career as the poor (poverty stricken, more like) person’s Karim Raslan needs to be shelved. I need this to be fun. I need to go back to basics – to what I do quite well verbally: telling stories.

And here they are; don’t think of them as essays, nor ramblings, nor thoughts – but stories. I hope you stay for a while, I hope I stay at this for a while!

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