Rejig Rejuvenate

How many people have you seen write this entry? I am somewhat proud to say this is perhaps the first time I am doing an apology for silence piece, but also a bit ashamed to say my writing has come to this.

I initially launched this newer version of my writings to focus on telling stories. Except I sort of ran out of stories (and time) to write them. So as part filler, part exercise to keep the creative side of things well oiled, I will begin a new series of entries roughly entitled “Instorys”. (Yes I misspelled that on purpose).

I use Instagram as my default place to post pictures, because it forces me to capture moments instead of the whole experience, and it helps me be succinct. But most of these pictures have a story. So I’m going to practice writing by writing the stories that are associated with the picture.

Let’s see how long I can stick to this endeavour.
The plan? To never have to apologise for a 4 month hiatus ever again. (Or any kind of hiatus, at that).

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