Garis – 5 June 2014

About a year or so ago, my friends K and A introduced me to an app called “Room for Thought“. The concept was interesting – the app would, once a day but at undetermined times, ask you to take a picture of what you were doing at that very moment. Over time, you would effectively have a daily journal of what you got up to. The beauty of it for me was in the impromptu nature of when the app would ask you to take a picture: this wasn’t something pre-planned, pre-composed, or carefully curated: it was instantaneous in the way Instagram sometimes wasn’t.

The app was quite mindful of my sleeping time – I never got a prompt during the hours I was in bed, so I guess it was quite intelligent (or lucky!) in that sense. I used the app for about a month or so, and I was quite diligent in ensuring that I took a picture every day. At the end of the month, I reviewed the month that had been, and the result was … well.. not quite what I expected.

In place of an eclectic mix and mash of exciting things that I would be doing, what I saw was rather depressing.

There were quite a lot of pictures not unlike the one I have posted above: my shoes, socks and trousers / jeans of the day. This was because the app often prompted me when I was on the bus: which meant one of two things – a) I wasn’t very creative about things I saw on the bus [empty seats are empty seats; at least I wore different socks to work]; and b) I spent a lot of time on the bus.

The other common picture would be of something / some view involving my office: specifically, my room in my office. Regardless of whether the app prompted me at 9.37am or 1.22pm or 4.43pm, chances are that I would be in my office working on something (or more aptly, nothing). Either that or I would be in the bus, on my way to or back from the office.

My take away point? That I live a pretty monotonous life. Routine, even. Pi kerja. Balik kerja. Kat ofis baca buku. Balik rumah baca buku jugak. Which would make it very easy for an assassin to track me: hence the enlightened choice I made of not working for any type of secret service or covert ops.

Although upon reflection, the life? It may seem depressing to some but I actually quite like it. And most important of all, it’s mine.

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