Is it too much to ask for headspace on a weekend? Maybe..

The plan is – was – to relaunch this website as a repository of my writing – past and upcoming, on the day I turn 43. In itself, the number is insignificant. But 43 was the age I knew I’d be when we hit that magical year of 2020, so in a roundabout way, it has some significance.

But of course, (non-statistical) significance is a social construct and we add to it what we want, when we want.

How many times have you read that ‘I’m back post’ only the subsequent entries never come back; or at least, exist only in the ether? I hesitated many times before because I knew I was going to stumble. The fact that I even managed to keep a blog alive during those early, heady days of blogging was because I was in that space where I was literally paid to think: sure, I was a poor grad student, but I knew then and I know now that I was better off than most.

So what’s different now? Apart from the fact that I’m older, potentially very little. Except that I have a plan. If writing, new original material is a bottleneck – then I think enough time has passed (how’s a decade?) that some older stuff can be reposted. There’s also stuff from way back when that fell into the ether – pre Internet stuff – that might be amusing. After all, this is a vanity project, and if I am to write for me first, and others second, does it matter if I re-write my own stuff?

Or maybe it’s time I stopped pretending I am writing for me as much as I am writing with an audience in mind, and confess that I want to share my thoughts and develop my voice in more than just 280 characters at a time. After all, I am now 43. That’s old.

If you’ve been here before, welcome back. If you haven’t, here’s a hello. I’m going to try to drop a piece every Monday and possibly Thursday/Friday work permitting. Keep a lookout on Twitter as I flag them up.

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