Academic by training.
Rambler by (bad) habit.
Athlete by wishful thinking.

Female. Despite the name.

Instagram & Twitter : @idlanzakaria
FB: Idlan Zakaria – if you’re adding me send me a quick message beforehand so you don’t get archived.

“Reading Murakami in Spanish” can refer to two things.

1. The futility of my ultimate reading an interpretation of an interpretation: I will one day read Murakami in Spanish, having only really understood it in English. Which is the state of being today : given the ubiquity of information, we only have time to interpret what the others have interpreted. Often seen in academic work – where your summary is a summary of someone else’s summary of the original paper. But also, it’s a sign of the spirit of innovation and your voice. With every layer you add your mark. And with every unlayering you discover a new take on the old.

2. An aspiration. I am learning Spanish as a language. I will be happy when I can read it in Spanish without thinking about it i English.

You may want to know that I came up with the second interpretation first, and the first after much pontification and a little bit too much sunshine.




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