Academic by training.
Rambler by (bad) habit.
Athlete by wishful thinking.

Female. Despite the name.

“Reading Murakami in Spanish” can refer to two things.

1. The futility of my ultimate reading an interpretation of an interpretation: I will one day read Murakami in Spanish, having only really understood it in English. Which is the state of being today : given the ubiquity of information, we only have time to interpret what the others have interpreted. Often seen in academic work – where your summary is a summary of someone else’s summary of the original paper. But also, it’s a sign of the spirit of innovation and your voice. With every layer you add your mark. And with every unlayering you discover a new take on the old.

2. An aspiration. I am learning Spanish as a language. I will be happy when I can read it in Spanish without thinking about it i English.

You may want to know that I came up with the second interpretation first, and the first after much pontification and a little bit too much sunshine.



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